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Connie Sue Davenport Accredited Member
International Society
of Appraisers

PO Box 343
White House, TN  37188
Phone:  615.672.1992



To maintain an objective and unencumbered appraisal practice,     Ms. Davenport does not buy or sell antiques...ever.

Antique & Personal Property Appraisal Service

Appraising personal treasuresAs a personal property appraiser, Connie Sue examines and inventories collections, household goods, fine art, inheritances and antiques. Her antique and personal property appraisals help you place a market value on what you have, which makes it easy to determine what your next steps should be-no matter what your situation.  Whether you're dealing with illness or death, making room for care-giving, liquidating an estate, dividing for divorce, or simply downsizing your household you will need to know the value of your antiques and personal property.

On-Site:  $150 an hour - plus travel

Research as needed: $100 an hour

A discreet, impartial third-party to value personal property and expedite the resolution of disputes.  And if the items are visible, pricing can proceed quickly.  Research and report writing require additional time and fees.

Connie Sue's professionally-prepared appraisal reports give you the information you need to:

  • Divide personal property equally among heirs
  • Price possessions for a sale
  • Distinguish valuable antiques from reproductions
  • Organize charitable donations
  • Restore or repair your most cherished keepsakes
  • Dispose of items that have little value

Connie Sue's years of experience, coupled with her personal touch and compassion, helps her diffuse even the most conflict-ridden appraisal situation.

Though Connie Sue is well known as one of the region's top personal property appraisers, she is much more than just an appraiser. She helps clients make sense of the emotions behind the possessions. Thousands of families have trusted Connie Sue for professional personal property appraisals - delivered with a reverence for the history and symbolism of each possession.

Estate Sale Consulting Service

Estate sale mess Connie Sue helps the living prepare for the eventual estate liquidation by their heirs and helps those dealing with the death of a loved-one to prepare for the estate's disposition.  Connie Sue gives you the tools and the know-how you need to make informed decisions about possessions, including options for conservation, storage, liquidation or dispersal.  Her ability to put personal property into perspective eases family conflicts and helps preserve important relationships.  Offering comfort and compassionate guidance - all delivered with her signature dry wit - Connie Sue empowers you to release your grip on the past, and enables you to unravel the complicated web of love, loyalty, respect, and honor that stand between you and a life free from your loved one's possessions.


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